After Action Report #13

Commander's Detail

After Action Report #13 - The Siege of Atlantadelphia

General: SひNE the DedGuy, First of the Four, Waker of the DEDD

Date: 12 Quantober 20XX


Wake the DEDD, I'm not sure how much longer we can hold this position. The AllMind sent Sprnnter Override to try and take Atlantadelphia back after our latest victory seizing Santa Frisca. Can't say I didn't expect them to retaliate. The HiVE has always had an ego problem; guess it's the overgrown head.

Just our luck, Boomie is at least a day's travel away, even for her infernal bike. Not that I'll turn down the reinforcements, but I'm not sure what may be left to reinforce if Sprnnter keeps being this kind of asshole. Much as I hate to admit, I wouldn't mind hearing her 2 mutts roaring from the distance, their howls inspiring dread in the hearts of those who besiege us. And only mild irritation in my ears.

Yo, where the hell is hungrr?? They better not be in the shadows, planning everything to the razors edge because the drama of losing this battle is some kind of thrill. Shit... who am I kidding? They're probably doing exactly that, tricking that idiot MINE into helping them torment me with a last-second spectacle of a rescue. Knowing how much I hate that shit.


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